As the head of designing the branding system for the Drexel 2024 Fashion Show, my role was to create a visual identity that captured the essence of the fashion students' work. The branding was centered around the student illustrations, ensuring their unique styles and creative voices were at the forefront.

To encapsulate the diverse expressions within the class, I conceived the slogan "Wear Your Voice," which became the guiding theme for all branding materials. This project required a high level of collaboration between the graphics team and the fashion students, fostering a synergistic environment where ideas flowed freely and creativity thrived.

The process began with brainstorming sessions between the graphics team and fashion students to discuss initial concepts. Gathering a wide array of student illustrations was crucial to understand and represent their diverse narratives. These illustrations formed the foundation of our design, with texture and handwritten typography added to create a personal and engaging visual that reflected the students' artistic processes.

The branding system for the Drexel 2024 Fashion Show was a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of authentic representation. By centering the students' illustrations and voices, we created a cohesive and impactful visual identity that celebrated the diversity and creativity of the fashion class of 2024.

The project not only met its deadlines but also exceeded expectations in capturing the unique spirit of the students' work.